Recent  project   -  addition to residence we built 9 years ago.   Redding
  Check in for updates as we add a second story addition, to a home we built nine years ago.
         * Update : Finished in October.2010   Scroll to bottom to view shop project started after
    Ca. License # 389102
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Original Home we built nine years ago. Before second story addition.
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Starting to strip siding.  5/06/10
Demolition underway. Day 1.     5/06/10
More removed.
Just starting to strip drywall in the garage. Day 1.
Matt wheeling drywall into the dumpster bin.
Dennis picks up.
Garge with drywall stripped.
The original windows were wrapped properly. We focus on waterproofing.
One of the homeowner's daughters, likes the crew.
Here they are. The crew removes gutters.
No stopping now.
This is how we vacuum out the old attic insulation
Except by rain for one day.  Maybe we should have waited one more week!
The longest day. Saturday 5/15. We started at sunrise
We filled a dumpster bin, and off the first one goes.
Wade and Matt lift a beam into an awkward spot.
Dennis, Mark, and Wade lift a floor beam.
Wade moves wire to be moved for more floor joists.
Dennis tears off stucco.
The Garage beam was HEAVY. But in place here.
Matt drives the garage beam into place
Almost finished setting all the floor joists. Sunset coming on.
The floor is laid 13 hours later, and getting dark, we cover for the coming rains.
The second story takes shape
Mark nails on seismic straps
Wade pushes trusses into alignment
Upper walls sheathed finally after some dry weather
Kyle carefully nails pl42 s in place
Matt measures 24'  above ground
Mark and Matt making it happen
Wade and Matt build "deco roof"
Matt and Mark install enclosed soffit
Ladders and more ladders
Dennis wires after we have opened to the old structure
Matt and Dennis re-wire existing hall
Heating and Air ducts being installed
Matt paints gable
Installing all the proper window flashing
All insulated and awaiting drywall installation.The BIB system is great in the walls and provides excellent R value
Wade and Dennis install the last window, held out to facilitate stocking the drywall
The four of us drag the last window up the scaffolding, and into place. Matt and I are behind the glass holding on tight with suction cups. lol
The first coat of stucco is applied
Measuring for closet shelving.
Dennis paints the new bathroom
The upstairs bedroom housed our jobsite finish-work station
Hardwood flooring installed
Dennis assembles a ceiling fan
Paul Dotson (matt's dad) old school painter extraordinaire, brushes doors
Starting a shop in Paynes Creek as winter approaches
The road into the shop was very difficult
Finally got concrete to the job-site
Pouring the slab
Framing in the snow
removing snow, straw and the tarp to frame each day
Shearwall being installed
Lifting trusses into place without a crane
Ag - Shop in Paynes Creek.     Access only by  4 miles of  "jeep trail"  through Wilderness Area.    Started Late October  /  Finished Early January 2011
  Finished home
Interior 12' tall walls framed
Inspector checking out the structure
   Various views of the finished Ag- barn / shop.        Concrete lap siding, metal roof, curtain roll-up door.
Major rehab and remodel to 1959 house in Red Bluff         Started 3-01-11      Finished 5-28-11
Front exterior
Back exterior changing windows
Back exterior
Front enlarged windows for egress
Dennis and Dave installing trim
Original entry and hall
Dennis and Kyle removing duct-soffit. First nasty job
After drywall and paint
New entry and hallway
New dining and hallway
Original kitchen was hideous
Old kitchen was mostly inoperable
Old "flip-down" cooktop and non-working oven
View from dining into old kitchen.
Kitchen gutted and window moved and re-wired and plumbed
Added hood-vent
Cabinets ready to unbox and install
Cabinets during installation
Countertops while installing under- counter lights
Finished kitchen
New kitchen view
Finished Kitchen
Fireplace masked while painting
Living room while installing trim
Fireplace and livingroom finished
Old original bathroom was a wreck
Original vanity
Original 1959 bathroom - no shower
Installing tile floor and granite countertop
Finished bathroom
Original inoperable jalousie windows.          Very drafty.
Original inoperable wall heaters
Blowing in attic insulation
Original bathroom vanity
Remodeled vanity
Entry window while remodeling
Same entry view almost finished, Kris cleaning up.
Finished bedroom #1
Finished bedroom #2
Master bedroom completed
Original exterior
Back exterior
Water stained front windows
Exterior before remodel
Current Homes under construction.  Perkins & Cantwell - scroll to very bottom
Murphy addition.     Large CUSTOM garage/antique auto showcase.
Designed to look like old filling station, and tied to existing residence
Perkins residence. Antelope area of Red Bluff.   Started  Fall of 2013
Cantweel - Menninga residence.           Quail Ridge , West of Red Bluff.
Started late Fall 2013